Key Sector

Shaft Mounted Gear Drives for Crystallizers,Strike receivers, Pug Mills, Magma Mixers, Agitators & Stirrers, Mechanical Circulators, Cane and Rig Carriers, Feeder Tables, Boiler Grade Drives and Diffusers.

Precision Positioning Drives, Linear Actuators, High Speed Drives for Testing of Aircraft Fuel Pumps

Multi ratio Gear Boxes for Transmission Testing

Planetary and Helical Gear Drives for Coal Feeders, Spreaders, Slewing Drives, Rotary Airlock, Paddle Feeders, Screw Conveyors.

Planetary and Helical Gear Boxes for Conveyors , Elevators, Feeders, Cranes & Hoists, Winches

Pump Sets for Process Plants

Industrial drive Systems comprising of Motors, Gear Boxes,VFD Controls, Automation Panels for Specific Applications.