Planetary and its Combinations

General purpose Planetary Gear Reducers and application specific planetary gear combinations such as Planetary-Helical, Worm-Planetary, Bevel-Helical-Planetary, etc.,

Customised Helical Gear Boxes

Innotrans specializes in manufacturing of customized gear drives. Over the years, Innotrans has customized and manufactured over hundred models for an even greater number of applications and continue to increase by the day. Our gear boxes are operating across the world for a variety of applications across a diverse segments of the industry.

Multi Ratio Gear Boxes

Application specific Multi-Ratio Gear Boxes for Testing of Automotive Transmissions.

Zero Backlash Gear Trains for Sensing Mechanisms

Application specific Spring-loaded Split Gear Trains for Encoders, Resolvers, and such other instruments for Precision Sensing Mechanisms.

Shaft Mounted Gear Boxes for Sugar Plant Equipments

An ideal replacement of conventional worm gear drives for applications such as Crystallisers, Clarifiers, Mixers, Strike Receivers, Pug Mills, Minglers, Agitators etc., in Sugar Plant.