INNOTRANS Overhauling Procedure:

1. All gearboxes or assemblies will be:

  • In a completely disassembled condition .
  • Oil Cooler / Heat Exchanger will be disassembled .
  • Cleaned with a wire brush.
  • Inspected and/or tested as follows:
  • All Tolerances will be according to the respective drawings and also GA drawings will be used for references .
  • Cases, housings, etc. - will be visually inspected for cracks and other signs of wear.
  • Shafts & Gearing - visually inspect and dimensionally checked, for possible reuse.


2. A detailed line by line quotation of all work required to recondition the gearbox will be prepared and include:

  • List of new components required.
  • Required processes and procedures for reusable parts.
  • Man power cost as well as material cost to complete the job.


INNOTRANS Repair Specifications:

1. Fits

  • All fits will be returned to original size and relative centres using plating, sleeving and/or welding and machining as approved by the customer.


2. Shafting

  • Repair may be made by plating and grinding, or machining and sleeving.
  • Will be straight and finished in accordance with tolerances and finish specifications as indicated on appropriate drawings.
  • New shafting provided will match the specifications and dimensions of the original part as per customer print.
  • Exposed threads, shaft ends and couplings will be protected with an anti-rust protection coating prior to shipping your Gear Box.


3. Gearing

  • Will be dimensionally inspected to customer prints, manufacturers' prints, or reverse engineered.
  • New gearing provided will meet or exceed the specifications and dimensions of the original parts as per customer print.


4. Cases, Housing, etc.

  • Fits - All fits will be returned to original size and relative centers using either; sleeving and/or welding and machining as approved by the customer
  • All bolts, studs, pipe plugs, and other fittings will be removed and the holes re-tapped as necessary.
  • Bolts, studs, and pipe fittings may be reused if in good condition.
  • Replacement bolts, studs, and pipe fittings will be of equivalent grade and material unless otherwise specified.
  • Customer must approve any print modifications prior to implementation.


5. Assembly and Test Procedures

  • All seals, shims, and gaskets will be replaced
  • All bearings will be replaced.
  • All hardware will be reused or replaced depending upon condition.
  • All repaired and overhauled units will be run tested to check contact patterns, clearances, backlash and
  • Pressure test will be taken of the unit when applicable to check for housing leakages


6. Painting and Identification

  • All gearboxes will have:
    • Exterior surfaces cleaned of all loose scale and rust.
    • Entire Housing surfaces cleaned of all dirt and oil.
    • Painting will be done unless otherwise specified by the customer.
    • A new identification tag will be installed to each overhauled gearbox with the following information:
      • Date of Overhauling
      • Our Work Order number


Run Test Procedure
  • Firmly mount gearbox to be tested to run test stand.
  • Fill the unit with specified lubricant as per customer requirement.
  • Attach the oil pumping station to the unit if required.
  • All run test equipment must be attached.
  • Temperature will be checked and documented.
  • Start test motor and set variable RPM to the gearbox requirements.
  • Attach gearbox to test motor and record decibel reading during run test.
  • Check all sealed areas for any oil leakage.
  • Gearbox bearing temperature will be checked and documented at several intervals during testing.
  • Vibration and other non-destructive testing per customer requirements are available.