Customised Gearboxes

INNOTRANS specialises in totally customisable gearboxes for various applications. These gearboxes are made specifically for unique torque requirements or when there is a need to replicate obsolete components. They are tailored to meet the needs of high-performance applications.

For meeting the exact technical specifications, components used in these gearboxes are designed as per standard specifications. Various output configurations like solid-shaft, flange or hollow-shaft, splines can be achieved with the aid of our customized gearboxes. All of our customized gearboxes are available at market leading prices.

Some of our Customized Gearboxes supplied are Twin output Gearboxes, Multi Output Gearbox for micro drilling machine, Gearbox for Pump Testing, Manual Drives, Lifting Mechanism, Outriggers, bearing Housing, Extruder Gearboxes for Plastic Blow Moulding, Re-Designing of 100 years old Gearboxes, Steering Assemblies for defence applications, Differential Planetary Gearbox, Drive System for Defence Application, Low backlash Gearbox for Servo Drive Test Rig, Parallel Shaft Gearbox for Endurance Testing of Hydraulic Pumps, Winch Drives for ships.