Sugar Industry

Sugar Industry

Customised Gear transmissions are often used for various applications in the Sugar Industries. Innotrans specializes in making customised Shaft Mounted Gear Drives for the following applications: Crystallizers, Strike receivers, Pug Mills, Magma Mixers, Agitators & Stirrers, Mechanical Circulators, Cane and Rig Carriers, Feeder Tables, Boiler Grade Drives and Diffusers.

Space Research

INNOTRANS has proudly been supplying completely customised gear transmissions for various space research applications since its inception. A few of the major applications include Planetary Gear Transmissions for Antennas, Precision Gear Transmissions for Positional and Angular Measurements, Zero Backlash Gearboxes for precision measurement, Hi- Speed Gearboxes for Motor Testing of Fuel Injection systems used in Rockets.

Space Research
Defense Application


Precision Positioning Drives, Linear Actuators, High Speed Drives for Testing of Aircraft Fuel Pumps.

Automotive Test Rigs

Transmission Testing products for Automotive applications have been our forte at Innotrans and few of the major customised products we offer in this segment are given below; Multi ratio Gear Boxes for Transmission Testing, Helical Differential Gearbox for E-Vehicles, Motor Testing Gear Transmissions.

Boilers and Power Plants

Planetary and Helical Gear Drives for Coal Feeders, Spreaders, Slewing Drives, Rotary Airlock, Paddle Feeders, Screw Conveyors.

Material Handling

Planetary and Helical Gear Boxes for Conveyors, Elevators, Feeders, Cranes & Hoists, Winches.

EPC Contracts

Fluid Handling Systems and Industrial Drive Systems involving Pumps, Motors, Control & Automation Panels, Gear Transmissions and related Structural elements.

Plastic Extrusion Application