Planetary Transmissions and their Combinations

Planetary Transmissions and their Combinations

Planetary Gearboxes are used in applications where the largest torque needs to be transferred in the most compact form. They also provide higher torque-to-weight ratio, compactness and reduced noise. Our PGT range from ratio 3:1 to 20000:1 & more ; upto 4,50,000 NM CAPACITY and application specific planetary gear combinations can also be envisaged such as Planetary-Helical, Worm-Planetary, Bevel-Helical-Planetary, etc.,

Helical Transmissions and their Combinations

Innotrans specializes in manufacturing of customized gear drives. Over the years, Innotrans has customized and manufactured over hundred models for an even greater number of applications and continue to increase by the day. Our gear boxes are operating across the world for a variety of applications across diverse segments of the industry.


Multi-Ratio Gear Transmissions

INNOTRANS multi ratio gear transmissions are typically designed to have completely customised and tailor made gear ratios as according to the customers applications. Major appplications include gearboxes for Automobile Transmission testing, Motor Testing etc where a variety of gear ratios are required for testing.

Step up Gear Transmissions

Customised step up gear transmissions are also manufactured by INNOTRANS for specific testing applications. We have manufactured upto 45000 rpm output speed transmissions for testing of motors.

Step-Up gearbox, 565kW, 12000RPM for Automotive Test Rig-1

Precision Gear Trains

INNOTRANS precision gear trains are widely used for precise angular and linear measurement for various Antenna and Defence applications.

Customized Precision Actuators

Helical Planetary Gearboxes for Transmission Test Rigs

Automotive Gear Trains

Customized Gear Boxes

INNOTRANS specialises in totally customisable gearboxes for various applications. These gearboxes are made specifically for unique torque requirements or when there is a need to replicate obsolete components. They are tailored to meet the needs of high-performance applications.