A reconditioned gearbox costs less than buying a brand new one. However, reconditioning does not mean that the gearbox is of lower quality. The parts and specifications are matched to those of the original manufacturer. Every bolt, nut, washer, tooth, screw, and bearing will function the same as it would in a new piece of equipment. Reconditioned gearboxes just cost less, and that is a big bonus for any industrial business.

A key advantage of Reconditioning is that the Gearbox is completely dismantled when it comes in. This gives us an opportunity to inspect all worn out elements and conduct an analysis on how the gearbox is to be reconditioned. The result is that damage can be prevented, and further repairs avoided, simply by replacing parts before they are near the end of their operational usefulness. This ensures that time is saved for customer as there will be no need to put operations on hold while repairs are completed.